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Here at Witech we specialize in high quality network cabling (Cat5e & Cat6), data cabling, Ethernet cabling in and around the Cape Town area. We offer quick and easy installs ranging from Home networks to Corporate network cabling needs. We also repair and install new network points if need be. All our installs will include cable management such as trunking, power skirting, cable drop poles, cable tray’s etc.

For network interfacing we provide, setup and configure all the necessary networking hardware such as routers, switches and cabinets.

Furthermore we specialize in wireless connectivity such as wireless Access Points, remote network bridging, personalized hotspots, wireless strength heat mapping, etc. We provide only the best and most reliable hardware and our professional technicians will ensure maximum coverage per unit.

We pride ourselves in the fact that our work quality and ethic sets us apart from other companies in the business.


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